by Vanness Valentino & Pasquale C. Sinaga

How do you, students and parents, celebrate Christmas? Have you heard about KARALAZA? Christmas is a joyful day for the Christians to celebrate Jesus’ birth. God sent His only son to the world to forgive people’s sin. Through this article you will find out more about KARALAZA.


The students’ committee of John Paul’s Junior and Senior High School, under the supervision of their lovely teachers, held an event to commemorate the joy of Christmas and New Year on January 6th, 2017. Given the theme ‘Rejoicing, Wishing and Believing’, KARALAZA –the name of the event –was a success. It was attended by the representative of JPS’s foundation, the secondary principal, teachers, students and some alumni.


Few days before the D-day, all classes were told to decorate their classroom so that it would be suitable for photo booth. Best costume was also chosen on the celebration day. Next, there were great and amazing performances in which people danced, sang, and performed magic. There was JPS Got Talent 2 with the stunning Niky (grade 10 social) who blew away the whole audiences with his dancing as the first winner. Also, other performances by Vanness Valentino (Grade 8A) and his Violin Squad (JPS Got Talent 2 Runner Up), and Sherlyn & Kaleb (Grade 11 Social) who performed their amazing talents in front of the crowd as the third winner.


We learned a lot from this event, it taught us how to work together as a committee and many more great things. The event was great and extremely entertaining –never felt bored at any time.  One of the greatest Christmas our school has made, and we were glad to be a part of it.

‘Karalaza –a warm and cozy Christmas,’ –JHS & SHS Students’ Committee