For four days, October 9-12 John Paul’s School Grades 10 and 11 students went to Gunung Bundar for their leadership training. With the theme ‘Stand Up and Lead’, this four-day training aimed to develop students’ skills and potentials to become responsible, confident, active and caring leaders of tomorrow.

The whole leadership training module was packed with activities that were challenging, empowering, energizing and fun while at the same time exhausting. Captain Andrian and his team led the training with seven JPS senior high teachers. During the training the students were taught Group Dynamics and Teamwork, Group Formation, Survival Skills, Navigation Skills as well as Nationalism. Exciting and thrilling activities such as Mountaineering, Mountain Trekking, Night Trekking and Bonfire were also experienced by the students. One very memorable experience that the students had was when they were taught how to survive in case they were attacked by snakes.

They were taught how to kill a snake and to escape a deadly python. Some of the students were really brave to touch the snakes and to drink the blood of a cobra. The others, even the girls tried eating fried snake meat. In each of the activities the students learned life-long skills that are very important for them to survive in this world.

At the end of each day, we could see that the students were exhausted but they still managed to smile and to say that the day was indeed very fulfilling and enlightening for them. Their bodies might have been tired but their hearts and minds were over flowing with new knowledge and insights on how to become good leaders. Now more than ever, the students are ready to face the world.