FRIDAY, OCT 29  2016 EDU FAIR had been run by SHS, teachers and OSIS.  There were about 23 universities and educational agents coming to present their respective programs. They were Atmajaya University, Parahyangan University from Bandung, BINUS. IES, UPH, SGU, Trisakti University,  UMN, just to mention some of them. All SHS teachers and OSIS hosted  them by preparing and providing all facilities  they needed  such as stands, presentation rooms, sound system,  food, etc.

Almost all classrooms on the third floor were occupied.  We also invited some food vendors  to serve the visitors with food. The visitors were all  SHS  students, parents, grade  nine students, students and teachers from neighbouring schools. The third floor area was quite crowded since 8 a.m to 3 p.m.

The visitors and  the invited universities are in general  satisfied.  There are several advantages  we have from this event. The students and parents are  able to get much information needed for further education. They were enthusiastic and had much time to visit all the univeristy and agent representatves.  The students also had  a free English test from IELTS.  The universities and agents are also satisfied because they had respective rooms for stands and special time and room for  group presentation. Food and drink were also provided  and we entertained  them well. By this we also introduce  JPS to them and  to other visitors.

I think we would have had  more students coming  if  we really had planned  well to have, let’s say, an art show or dance competition.  It wiould have driven  more students, senior and iunior, to take part and in turn would have had  them know more about JPS through those additional activities. Any way, thank God for having  run this event quite successfully and hope for a better one in the future