Dare to Rise, Change and Share Love in the New Normal with the Students of John Paul’s Senior High School

Writer: Jayanti and Emilia, Senior High Student Council Committee
Editor: Ms. Iin and Ms. Arlene, Senior High Teacher

Bekasi, JPS – John Paul’s Senior High School held a Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day event with the theme “Dare to Rise, Change and Share Love in the New Normal” on Monday 14th February 2022. The event was held online, via Zoom meeting, which was attended by 143 students and teachers. In addition, this event was attended by Mr. Alfonsus Harjono, the Principal of John Paul’s Senior High School, who delivered his opening speech.

The event’s aims are to instill a sense of affection, strengthen brotherhood as well as develop talents and potentials of John Paul’s Senior High School students. The event started at exactly 7 am with a morning prayer which was followed by a series of activities which lasted until 12:45.

The students and teachers were truly enthusiastic. This could be seen from their participation throughout the event. Various activities were held, such as performances from the student council, students and teachers. The Student Council presented a cinematic video, surprising the audiences with a great message. The video conveyed the joys and sorrows of celebrating Valentine’s Day during the Covid-19 pandemic and reminded us to be grateful for having more time to share love. The class representative of 10 Social, Sidney, poured her whole heart out in a mesmerizing ballet performance. Furthermore, Hans played the Jazz Piano, pressing every key in harmony flawlessly, making everyone gazed in fascination.

Grade of 11 Science was represented by Agatha who played a romantic song “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, popularized by Elvis Presley, on the violin. Her performance was exceptionally exquisite and majestic. Then, the teachers read a poem entitled “Aku Adalah (I Am)” by Mr. Feliks, Mr. Dhani and Mr. Herwan. Their hilarious actions were extremely entertaining. Also, Mr. Miko showed off his golden voice by singing a Chinese song “Di Yi Ci (The First Time)”. He also shared his knowledge about a Chinese martial art known as Tai Chi which he acquired back in China.

“Yes, I am just happy to have the opportunity to present my talent at a school event,” said Hans merrily after performing an amazing piano performance. A similar feeling was expressed by Sidney who admitted that she was also happy and quite satisfied to be able to give a brilliant performance. She found it a little difficult to create choreography nonetheless, knowing how limited the time was given by the committee.

This event was even more lively with numerous competitions such as the romance movie quiz, hairdressing, photography, and bingo. Moreover, students gained knowledge and entertainment through the “Everything We Need to Know about Valentine” session hosted by Ms. Yuli, senior high school counselor. Ms. Yuli shared about the history of Valentine’s Day and a load of tips to find a partner. Continuing on to the selection of King and Queen, students got to vote and nominate a person – not an ordinary one but who lives to the best standard. The students who won the title of King and Queen 2022 were Dion (11 Social) and Reika (12 Science). The session ended with a very touching reflection by Ms. Yuli.

The students also sent messages of love through the Tellonym application which was guided directly by Caren and Errica. There were lots of romantic and funny messages sent to students and teachers as well. At the end of the event, OSIS presented a closing video extending their greetings for the Chinese New Year. The OSIS committee wearing Cheongsam and red clothes made the video more meaningful.

“The whole event went well. The committee has prepared well. Starting from the socialization  of the event to its implementation, I could say everything went smoothly. Plus, I felt happy because I was involved as a performer,” said Mr. Felix, VP of Student Affairs, via WhatsApp.

Through this event, the students learned many new things. It was seen that the committee, participants, and teachers were synergizing so that the event ran smoothly and finished on time. In addition, the committee prepared prizes for the winners of the competition and door prizes for King and Queen, as well as students who were lucky to post interesting bingo on Instagram stories.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition. The Romantic Film Quiz was won by Kerry (11 Science), Nikita (11 Socia)l, and Teophillus (10 Social). Hairdressing won by 12 Social A, 10 Social, 12 Science. Meanwhile, the winners of photography were 12 Social B, 11 Social, and 12 Science. Finally, the winners of the bingo competition are 10 Social, 10 Science, 12 Social B.

Even though the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day 2022 events were held online, the committee provided a new breakthrough, combining serious and recreational events. In addition to the committee, many students were involved in guiding events as well as providing opportunities for learning, such as Rikuto (11 Social) and Intan (11 Science) who became MCs in this event. One of the 10th grade Science students, Anggi said that this event was very interesting and memorable for her. She added, “This event can explore the talents of the students here and can also strengthen the relationship between classes.”

“All committee members worked together to prepare activities for the event through discussion and teacher guidance,” concluded Shannon, Chair of the Committee. According to her, the event went smoothly and as planned. Moreover, some of the committee members took part in an event for the first time. In fact, there is no problem because from here we can learn. Hanzel, the head of the high school student council, also revealed that today’s event was more organized and better prepared.

Ms. Yuli  hopes that the next student council event will be complete and varied. Similarly, the hope of Stevia, the Vice Chair of the Student Council, “I hope that the Student Council can make events that are definitely better and more creative.”

From this event, it is clearly seen that the OSIS committee is increasingly becoming more and more creative, making new breakthroughs  in every activity, such as the theme they raised at this year’s event “Dare to Rise, Change and Share Love in the New Normal”. They are not hindered by the pandemic that has accompanied us for about two years. So what do you think will be our next event? For sure, the Student Committee will surprise us all again!  Just wait! Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Valentine’s Day.

SHS Principal, Mr. Alfonsus Harjono, is delivering the speech for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Event (doc. Senior High Student Council)

The jury is commenting on one of the participant’s photos in the photography competition (doc. Senior High Student Council)

One of the participant’s hairdressing competitions (doc. Senior High Student Council))

Special performance by Mr. Feliks, Mr. Dhani and Mr. Herwan on Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Event (doc. Senior High Student Council)

Sidney (10 Social) is performing ballet (doc. Senior High Student Council)

Special Session “Everything We Need to Know about Valentine” by Ms. Yuli, SHS Counselor (doc. Senior High Student Council)

Shannon Patricia, the Chairman of the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Event Committee (doc. Senior High Student Council)

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