7th and 8th grader went to Puncak for their scout camp this year. John Paul’s School deliberately provides camp to bring students closer to nature. In this camping, students are educated to be independent, as this school also focuses their students for both students’ academic and non-academic.

Students started their camping on 10th October 2018 by spending about 3 hour drive in air force truck and arrived at the base camp at noon. As soon as we arrived, we got to enjoy our lunch they have prepared. We had several activities including recess and opening of the scout camp ceremony. Everyone directly walked down by the street for about 20 minutes towards Cibodas National Park and Cibodas Botanical Garden. There we looked at many things that were quite new to us and it turned out that there were many fascinating plants they grew for years and some grew for hundred years!

The night grew darker and the air felt colder. We finished our first day of camping by doing jurit malam which required us to walk alone with our team together with the help of candle in the night. We looked for posts to give us missions for us to accomplish that made this activity extremely fun and ended in midnight.

We woke up early at dawn and the air felt colder than last night. We continued our activity by doing morning exercises together and playing games at noon that require us to have a strong teamwork and followed by icebreaking session. Everyone was very enthusiastic. We had a small bonfire ceremony and enjoyed relaxing cozy night with bonfire wrapping around us. Each team also presented their best performance cheerfully while the other had their night snacks.

We hiked in the woods in the morning and all of us completed the camping by having a closing of scout camp ceremony for the last day. We packed our belongings and tidied up our tents and then prepared ourselves to leave the base camp. We got on air force truck and enjoyed the last minutes of our trip. It was a delightful experience for all of us. From the experience, we are very grateful because it teaches us to be independent and get closer among seniors and juniors. Lastly, we would like to have another scout camp together again in the future.