Retreat is a common component of JPS tradition. This is the school’s way of bringing the graduating students closer to God, giving them the opportunity to reflect and to meditate. It also provides students the chance to develop a better image of themselves, to build relationships with others and to grow spiritually. The students step away from their daily school routine in order to be redirected and re-grounded with regards to what is most important in their lives.

For this year’s retreat, the Grade 9 students went to Wisma Lestari in Cikanyere, Bogor while the Grade 12 students went to Rumah Retret Puspanita in Ciawi, Bogor for three days (10-12 October). Both retreat centres are very nice and are in tranquil locations providing students a peaceful environment that supports meditation and spiritual growth.

During the retreat, the students spent each day filled with enlightening activities such as group sharing and discussions, bible reading and reflections, prayers and Holy Mass. There were even exciting group games that helped develop camaraderie among students making them closer to one another