Marketing Admission Cashier – Qualifications:

  • Maximum age 30 years old
  • Good Personality, looking and Teamwork
  • Minimum 2 Years Experience in the similar position 
  • Fluent in English is a must
  • Preferably has experience in Analytics platforms (e.g. Google Analytics, etc)
  • Can adapt to new technologies

School Nurse – Qualifications:

  • Minimal Education: Bachelor of Nursing
  • Registered nurse (STR) certification required
  • Having at least 1 year or more experience working with kids is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of community agencies to help students in urgent situations.
  • Knowledge & understanding of district policies and procedures in health related protocol.
  • Comfortable Speaking and Writing using English.

General Affair – Qualifications:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Must be good in spoken and written English (will use English on a daily basis)
  • Prior experience as a GA and relevant field minimum 2 years.
  • Sound knowledge of all GA Activities (e.g. Building Environment, Electricity & backup, Cleaners & Security supervision, etc.)
  • Dedicated to work, responsible and reliable person.
  • Exceptional analytic and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional time-management and organizational skills

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