Xiong xi…….xiong xi…….

Gong xi fat cai….

PG-KG unit celebtared chinese new year on Friday, 3 February 2017.

On that day we had some competitions : colouring for PG and K1, artwork for K2, nursery mandarin song contest for all level :

PG : yi zhi ha ba gou

K1 : xong xi xong xi

K2 : shi shang zhi you mama hao

and the best costume for boy and girl from each level.

the event is opened by Wushu performance from primary 3-6.

PG/KG Chinese New Year to Remember!

Gong xi! Gong xi!  Gong Xi Fat Cai! These are the greetings that our students fluently and joyfully greet to everyone at school. JPS PG/KG unit celebrates annually the Chinese New Year also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.  It is the most important holiday to our Chinese families.  This year, we celebrated it on the 3rd of February 2017, with a simple yet meaningful performances.The students are being welcomed by the very stunning Wushu performance from the coach with the selected primary 3-6 students. It was followed by Singing Competition of Chinese Mandarin Nursery Songs from the selected students of PG to K2. Students have their break for snack time. Then, it was resumed with Chinese colouring competitions for PG and K1 levels.  Making 2D golden rooster artwork for K2 level.   A pair of students with “Best in Chinese costume” were also being chosen instantly every class in all levels. Two teachers as well were chosen for having best in Chinese costume. Prizes were given to the winners in every category.  The ambiance of Chinese festivities were being glanced as we decorated our corridors with colourful Chinese lanterns that boosted the spirit of the Chinese New Year.

What a year to unfold another meaningful celebration of Chinese New Year with a big bang in our unit!  Another history and another way of keeping it to our memory lane treasure box.

Once again, from JPS PG/KG family to yours, wishing you “Good health, prosperity and happiness!”.  Xeng Re Kuai Le!