Another activity in relation to encourage inner-selfdevelopment is The Bible Camp. The activity lasted for three days in Shekinah Village, Bogor. Entitled “To Be A Mirror of God through Himself and Others”, Grade 7 and 8 followed the activity enthusiatically. Interesting events like reading the Bible, having holy Eucharist, watching movies, dancing and singing and also having some plays and games. It is expected by following this Bible Camp the students are able to direct themselves in achieving their best in life, as to be able to make peace with themselves in times of troubles, to be part of the solutions instead of the troubles, to be able to thank God and others for whatever happens in their lives that finally they are able to perform as independent, accountable and reliable selves. This is one activity that John Paul’s School provides for character building programs. Retreat is an annual activity especially for grade 9 and 12 in order to prepare the students mentally in facing incoming National Examination. The activities are meant to bring them into more peaceful state of mind that they show better attitude to win the exam at the end of their final grade. It is unforgetable when comes to the moments the Priest reminds the students of their parents’ kindness. This three-days activities are held in a Retreat House where they are free from any gadgets but focus to religious activities only.